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North-Holland Tour


Amsterdam  - Volendam


Sunday - 19 miles / 15 km


Arrival on board the Elodie in Amsterdam where the crew will welcome you with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Introduction to the crew, explanation of the rules on board, information on the program. After the introduction we will sail to Volendam. In the evening we will make a short bike ride to Monnickendam to make you feel comfortable with riding your bike which may need a little bit of adjustment here and there. 


Volendam - Enkhuizen


Monday -  28 miles  / 46 km


Today we will experience a medley of wonderful landscapes and  little South sea Villages. We will start in Volendam and will follow the IJsselmeer coast to Edam, at short distance from Volendam. This town is the origin of the famous Edammer cheese. From here we will continue to follow the coastline of the former South sea to Hoorn. The Horn in South America was named after this place, home of some of the most famous Dutch explorers. In the beautiful harbor of this town you can still sense the rich maritime history. Leaving Hoorn our next stop will be Enkhuizen. Enhuizen was one of the residences of the VOC (United East India company). From here the freight ships left for Indonesia and other exotic destinations to get the valuable trading products that made the Dutch prosper very well in those days. The architecture of the old houses in Hoorn and Enkhuizen clearly reflects on the wealth of its inhabitants from those day's.



Enkhuizen - Texel


Thuesday -  27  miles  / 44 km


Comfortable cycle path's like in fact mostly on this whole tour will bring us from Enkhuizen via Medemblik to Den Oever. Here is the beginning of the big dam that closed the interior of Holland from the open sea.

After frequent flooding and the desire to "create more land this 32 km dam was made between 1927 and 1933. A tremendous achievement in those day's for it was mainly done by hand. In the Oever the Elodie will be waiting for you to take you to the island of Texel. Between the mainland and the island you will find the waddensea. A sea more or less enclosed by Island's and many sandbanks. There are many seal's in this area that can sometimes be admired as the lay on the sandbanks at low tide.

At Texel we will stay for the next whole day.


Texel - Den Helder


Wednesday - 27 miles  / 44 km


We will cycle completely round the island with those that are keen to do so; because this day also offers you an excellent opportunity to make your own itinerary. Your guide will take you to the seal centre "Ecomare", the Nature Reserve "de Slufter", the beach by "de Koog" There are many other interesting things to visit that are easy to find and at reasonable distances like the Jutters museum with a fine collection of rarities that have been found on the beach or fished out of the sea by the fishermen, the market in Den Burg or the local beerbrewery. At the end of the day we will sail to Den Helder.

Den Helder is the hometown of the Dutch navy. Sailing into the harbor you will notice the many navy vessels. Den Helder also contains a very nice open air museum with some remarkable ships. Admission is free and after diner your guide will take you there for a walk for it is very close to where the Elodie is moored.


Den Helder - Alkmaar


Thursday - 14 or 28 miles  /  22 km  or 44 km


You can either start cycling from here or spend some more time on board and start at St Maartensvlotbrug where you can join up with the others.
Through the dunes , a beautiful slightly hilly landscape we will continue our bike tour to  resorts such as Schoorl, Bergen and Groet . Along the tour it is possible to spend some time at the beach and maybe take a dive in the North Sea.

The Elodie is lying waiting for you in the town centre of Alkmaar. After dinner, our guide takes you for a walk around this charming town, famous throughout the world for the cheese markets.


Alkmaar - Zaandam 


Friday - 25 miles / 40 km


Today we experience a real windmill day. After visiting the cheesemarket in Alkmaar in the morning, we cycle via Oterleek and Ursem along the Eilandpolder to Graft and de Rijp. Here we pause and visit this pleasant village. After that we take the ferry at Spijkerboor to cross one of the many canals of this wetland. We will get to the "Zaansche Schans". We take time for this open-air museum because there is a great deal to be seen.  Frequently we can see the Zaansche mustard mill in action, and take home with us a jar of mill-pressed mustard. We will spend the night in Zaandam.


Zaandam - Amsterdam


Saturday - 12 miles  / 20 km


In the morning we will start the last bicycle ride for this tour to Amsterdam.

It is only a short distance and by know we have had some cycle training over the last few days so you will be in time in Amsterdam to spend some time there. If you want to skip the cycling and enjoy the boat ride into Amsterdam you will be able to see some of the interesting harbor activities of this town. Amsterdam is certainly well worth exploring because of its many possibilities: a boat tour around the canals, the Van Gogh museum, and the Rijks museum; or just savour the atmosphere and gape at the colourful procession of people strolling by as you enjoy a cup of coffee at an Amsterdam sidewalk caf. In the evening you can choose a restaurant to you liking out of the many good restaurant you can find in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam (Sunday)


We take leave of you after breakfast.




Some day's a shorter tour is optional.

This means that you possibly miss some of that day's Highlight's. All distances mentioned are approximate and are subject to change due to weather, road or water situations or other circumstances that might occur during the tour and where not foreseen at the moment of offering this tour


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