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Amsterdam-Bruges Tour  (vice versa )




Sunday -  10 miles // 17 km

Arrival on board the Elodie in Amsterdam where the crew will welcome you with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Introduction to the crew, explanation of the rules on board, information on the program. After the introduction We will make a short tour through the rural area of Amsterdam North to get comfortable with your bike. In the evening after dinner your guide will take you for a walk through Amsterdam .


Amsterdam Nigtevecht Vianen

Monday 24 or 34 miles // 39 or 55 km

Early in the morning the Elodie will start sailing for Nigtevecht where this day's cycling tour will start.

Along the lovely river Vecht you can enjoy the scenery of mansions in a beautiful surrounding.

Leaving the river we will head for the caste of Haarzuilen. After a short stop at the castle we will continue our tour through wetland, polders and nice little towns to Vianen where we will spend the night.


Vianen - Dordrecht

Tuesday - 17 or 34 miles // 28 or 55 km

Our bicycle tour starts in Vianen along the meandering river Lek you will proceed your journey for a stop at Schoonhoven. This old town is well known for its Silver. You will be able to admire this in the many Silver shops where the also produce their fine products. From Schoonhoven we cycle to Kinderdijk,

one of the most famous attractions of Holland. Here you will find the largest collection of windmills together in a park as they were originally build. After this visit the next we will still have a short distance to cover before you will get to the fast Ferry that will take you to Dordrecht. This historical town calls for an evening walk.


Dordrecht - Willemstad - Zierikzee

Wednesday - 12 or 38 miles /19 or 60 km

Early in the Morning the ship will sail to Willemstad while you are enjoying your breakfast. This fortified town or the lock's near by will be the starting point of a tour through the Province of Zeeland. The home of the Dutchman that named New Sealand after this province The Polders, farmland and typical small towns of Zeeland will be the setting of your cycling tour to Zierikzee a beautiful place that marks the rich history of this town.   


Zierikzee - Middelburg

Thursday  35 miles // 56 km

Today you will encounter one of the wonders of the world. On your bike you will be able to cross the great dam that was built after the great flooding of Zeeland in 1953. This still is the Dutch answer to tame the sea.

Middelburg will be the place where we spend the night right at the heart of Zeeland.


Middelburg -  Gent

Friday -   33 miles // 53 km

Today's program offers a tour from Dutch Vlaanderen  into Belgium Vlaanderen. With the ferry from vlissingen to Breskens we will pass the Westerschelde The first kilometers will still be in Holland before we reach the Belgium border where the Elodie will be waiting for you to sail into Gent together.Gent also called the pride of Belgium honors its title walking through the medley of intimate and grotesque architecture. A university town with a great atmosphere !


Gent - Brugge

Saturday - 14 or 25 miles // 23 or 40 km

As we leave Gent by boat we will soon get into the rural country side between Gent and Brugge where you will start cycling. Green pastures and picturesque little town follow up quickly as you approach the final destination of this tour.

Brugge can be considered an open air museum in every respect. The nice thing about it that it is not! a museum but a town where you can go to a restaurants and bars right in the middle of these special surroundings. We can truly recommend eating in one of the many restaurants because this part of Belgium is famous for its good food.




We take leave of you after breakfast.


Note that on some day's a shorter tour is optional.

This means that you possibly miss some of that day's Highlight's. All distances mentioned are approximate and are subject to change due to weather, road or water situations or other circumstances that might occur during the tour and where not foreseen at the moment of offering this tour.


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