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9 miles

Upon your arrival, the crew will welcome you on board the Elodie with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Once acquainted with the crew, you will be given an explanation of the rules on board and information on the program. After this introduction we will do a short tour along the cycle paths of Paris: a chance to get comfortable with your bike and make any necessary adjustments. Paris is of course a very busy city, so you will be surprised to discover that you can cycle without being bothered by traffic.

Paris - Melun

25 or 12 Miles

Optional excursion to Vaux le Vicomte Castle Appr. 9 extra miles

We start by sailing out of Paris in the early morning. After breakfast we will arrive at Ablon sur Seine, where your cycle tour begins. It starts along the river Seine where the riverbanks give us a relatively easy and flat terrain. Our final destination will be the attractive city of Melun. At this point you can either stay in Melun where the Elodie is already waiting, or join the excursion to Vaux le Vicomte. This very impressive castle is located a short distance up hill from Melun. (9 miles v.v.)

Melun - St Mammes

21 Miles

Through the forests of Chateaux de Fontainbleau we will ride to the artist's village of Barbizon.
This was the home of many famous painters like Millet, Rousseau and Corot. From here we continue on to the interesting little town of Fontainebleau where we will have lunch. If time allows we will visit the "brocante", a flee market typical of those found all over France. They often have a wide variety of the most interesting things, pleasing to either see or purchase.

St Mammes - Montereau

28 miles

Today there is no short mileage option. If you are joining us to cycle to Montereau, it is all the way. However if you skip the tour, there is an opportunity to cycle within the town of Moret sur Loing, so you wont be totally deprived of your bicycle. This is a medieval town well worth visiting. The Elodie can wait there to take you to Montereau. The full day of cycling is through a rural landscape dotted with villages. A short visit to a goat farm is planned. Montereau lies at a crossing where the Elodie will leave the river Seine and start following the river Yonne which takes us all the way to Auxerre.

Montereau - Sens

26 or 8 miles

Leaving the riverbanks we will find the farmland terrain more hilly with lots of small villages. If you want to avoid hill-climbing you can stay on the barge until Pont sur Yonne. From there we will cycle along the riverbanks where you can see small cascades at the many locks we pass on the way to Sens. The Elodie will moor in the centre of town, on a little island. Traditionally a community of small fishing boats and freighters, occupy the island.

Sens - Joigny

28 of 15 miles

The first part to Villeneuve sur Yonne where we will have lunch is already a bit hilly. The second part to Joigny will be more hilly but ever the more so rewarding with forrest, nice little villages and beautifull scenery. There is the possibility to skip the first part and do 15 miles in stead of 28. Our final goal for the day Joigny is a beautifull town with lots of history and ancient buildings. It has three impressive churches and a never finished castle wich dates back to the 12th century. In the music cafe L'Escargot de Sab is good place to relax and enjoy the music.

Joigny - Auxerre

27 or 15 miles

From Joigny we will continue to follow the river Yonne. So no more hills!

Just the quiet and joyfull riverbanks and small lakes. Along the banks you can see the "salmon stairs" where the have made a special passage for the salmons to pass the locks. When we get to Auxerre your cycle tour is not over yet!. From there we continue to cycle to Escolives. In this little town at the heart of Burgundy you can have a taste of the regions most delicate wines.


We take leave of you after breakfast.


On some day's a shorter tour is optional.

This means that you possibly miss some of that day's Highlight's. All distances mentioned are approximate and are subject to change due to weather, road or water situations or other circumstances that might occur during the tour and where not foreseen at the moment of offering this tour


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